About Me

I, Ethan, started wood turning 7 years ago and was hooked immediately.  I initially created the brand Cook Crafted Workshop to sell my turnings.  Within my first 3 years I turned and sold more than 1,100 sewing seam rippers and over 100 pens.  

 I started off turning the cheapest blanks I could buy slowly progressing to fancier and more expensive turning blanks for my projects.  I often was not happy with the quality of the expensive blanks I purchased and researched how to make them better and cheaper for my own use.  I began stabilizing all my wood blanks and casting resin and Hybrid blanks - resin and stabilized wood.  

Making blanks is just as fun as turning them.  I made extra blanks and gave them to other pen and wood turners as gifts.  The feedback was so positive that I was encouraged to start producing quality pen turning blocks for sale.  

I still turn on my 2 wood lathes but more time is spend and enjoyed making blanks for other turners.